Where to Find Pageant Dresses and Socks for a Sunburst Beauty Pageants - Child Beauty Pageants


Where to find Pageant Dresses and Socks for Sunburst Beauty Pageants - Child Beauty Pageants

Child beauty pageants began in 1921 when the owner of a large hotel in Atlantic city did a beauty pageant for children as a way to boost business for his hotel.  In the last few years, this has become an obsession of many mothers to see their small daughters climb to the top of the beauty ladder.  It is not unusual to see parents pat $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 for preparations for the big pageant day.  Pursuing the crown requires a toddler’s mother or someone who is sponsoring them to invest in a very expensive formal dress and additional outfits for things like talent presentations.  There is a major attempt in this area to impress a panel of judges to consider their baby girl as the fairest of the fair.  

Sunburst is one of the top pageant hosts providing competition from birth to ages 27 years but most children’s pageants age limit is much lower sometimes featuring children up to age 16.  Glitz pageants are one of the most glamorous type of pageants in the industry.  They are most noted in the media and get a lot of attention. 
 Babies and toddlers who participate in these pageants wear ruffled dresses made from nylon and tulle adorned with pearls, rhinestones and lace.  The dresses are made in extremely bright colors such as hot pink and electric blue.  
Sometimes glitz pageants often receive public criticism because they feel it is not proper to subject these small girls to do the extreme things that parents do to gain favor.  They sometimes use elaborate hair styles, fake teeth, nail extensions and hair pieces woven into their hair to complete their over styled hairdos.  They use tanning and extreme makeup for the little tots in the glitz competition. All this is done for less than 2 minutes on stage.

Formal expensive shoes are required along with ruffled socks adorned with lace and pearls to complete their dress. Hair bows, head wraps or hats may be used to complete their attire.
Sometimes pageants are more natural and do not allow makeup on toddlers and discourage using frilly dresses.  They go more with their “Sunday best” as a more casual style pageant.  This is a good way to have these small children to have a more casual feel of pageantry.  They can wear a spring dress or fall apparel depending on the time of the year the pageant is taking place.  
The choices for clothing are really endless but one thing for sure is that the outfit must grab the attention or the judges to make their child stand out among the other contestants.
Sometimes there are also other competitions included in the contest such as a talent show to give kids a better chance of capturing the winning title.  In this part of the contest, children may wear dance wear with tap shoes or another designated costume.  Some include a swim suit competition like the larger pageants such as “Miss America”.