How to Choose a Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit

Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit


If you are expecting your first baby boy and are looking for options for his going home outfit, you will find that the selection is endless.  Whether your due date is at hand or you feel the urge to get your baby boy coming home outfit the day you learn the news of the upcoming event, you can use this guide to  help you decide what you may want to purchase.

There are adorable newborn boy coming home outfits on-line or in children's clothing boutique stores.  There is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes are.

Some expectant mothers love the baby boy onesies with matching hat and pants with funny sayings on them.  Others love the more classic traditional dressy baby boy clothes.

A baby boy clothes boutique is the ideal place to thet this kind of outfit.  There are many designs in smocked baby clothes and custom made and personalized boy clothes.  Baby coming home outfits are important to us but this is a fairly new custom.  Before the 20th century, most births took place at home so there wasn't a need for a coming home outfit.  Usually, the mother  handmade the layette herself.  We are way past that today as most mothers do not know how to sew.

Zuli Kids boutique clothing store offers a wide variety of this classic baby boy cloting items that can be personalized.  Even if you already have purchased your baby's first outfit, they offer wonderful handmade outfits for many special occasions:

They can customize with baby's first name or monogram many styles.  Newborn coming home outfits are only one of the many items offered.  Some things to consider are:


  • Baby Boy Bubbles
  • Baby Rompers
  • Toddler Boy Short Sets
  • Baptism Gowns
  • Christening Gowns
  • Baby Boy Bubble Romper
  • Smocked Clothing
  • Matching Blankets
  • Socks

They also offer sweet newborn girl coming home outfits.  Baby girls are such fun to shop for, expecially clothing.  It is unbelievable how many things are offered if you have a baby girl.  Amazing and delightful but little boys can be as much fun.  Zuli Kids goes the extra mile to make sure that baby boys are provided with just as much choice in cute baby boy clothes as the baby girl clothes offer.  They have some great going home outfits for both boys and girls.

Even if you have already brought your baby boy home, there are wonderful baby boy first birthday outfits, baptism outfits, christening outfits for boys and baby dedication outfits available.  It can be so special to have a customized outfit for your baby boy's first birthday with a number 1 or 2 and his name that will make his birthday a day to remember. 

If you have an older sibling that is coming to the hospital to visit his or her new brother, you may want to pack a gift for the older siblings from the new baby.  This is an excellent way to make the older child love and accept the baby from the very beginning becahse the new brother brought a gift with him.  You could also have matching outfits for siblings so the older child will feel that both are a part of the family.  You could also take name suggestions for the baby from the older children.  This can make them feel a big part of what is going on.  The babies take home outfit is a celebration of a new life and will be treasured for many years to come so make it a special one.  I remember dressing my babies in their coming home outfits that I had made for them and it is a very emotional and treasured moment.

There are some things you may want to take along to the hospital as well for yourself.


  • Paper and Pen
  • Contact list for people you want to get in touch with such as Grandparents, pet sitters and other family members
  • Extra bag for all the things you will be given by the hospital 
  • Your glasses or extra contact lenses
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairbrush
  • Your favorite liquid bath soap
  • Makeup
  • Your favorite pillow
  • Gowns 
  • Shower shoes
  • Robe
  • Nursing Bras, if you plan to nurse
  • Car Seat
  • Charging device for your phone

Make your hospital stay a memorable and joyous occasion!!